Environment360, U.S. & Ghana EPA work to reduce the amount of short-lived air pollutant in Jamestown

Environment360 with its partners the U.S. and Ghana Environmental Protection agencies are working together to reduce the amount of short lived air pollutants by creating a campaign to reduce the amount of open burning in Jamestown. For the scope of this program, open burning refers to the use of fire to burn refuse for either residential or commercial purposes.

To better understand the community, as well as the types of materials being burned, Environment360 embarked upon a two week mapping exercise of the Jamestown community. During the exercise, Environment360 mapped 208 open burning incidents. The materials being burned included plastic, wood and Styrofoam, also known as takeaway packs.

Although many of the incidents were residential burning, it was noticed that there was also commercial burning in the area from a local slaughter house that uses open burning to process their cow meat.

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